Microsoft Excel 2016– Intermediate Level

تاريخ البداية تاريخ التهاية المكان التصنيف
2023-06-10 2023-06-24 رام الله تكنولوجيا المعلومات

المدرب: م. مفيد سمارة


 Excel Intermediate level covers the basic and intermediate concepts of Microsoft excel with performing with basics of excel, working with cells, working with worksheets, Using and creating the templates, formatting the worksheets, calculating data, working with graphs. The manual is a great reference for after the class.


                At the end of the program, the trainees should be apple to:

  • Start and using Microsoft excel
  • Entering, editing and formatting data
  • Managing the worksheets
  • Entering formulas and functions to perform calculation on the data
  • Using the most recently used functions
  • Inserting shapes and pictures
  • Creating charts
  • Preparing the data for print
  • Creating & Using templates

Targeted Group:

                All staff

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of windows operating systems


  1. Basics of excel:
    • Introduction to Microsoft excel
    • Getting started with excel
    • Use help function
  2. Working with cells:
    • Cell Basics
    • Select, copy, and move cells
    • Use the office clip board
    • What is a cell reference?
    • Find and replace data
  3. Entering and editing data
    • Entering data & Labels
    • Use auto fill
    • Create and use lists
    • Sorting
    • Use number formatting
  4. Formatting:
    • Formatting cells
    • Use styles
    • Use auto format
    • Use conditional formatting
  5. Managing a worksheet:
    • View a worksheet
    • Insert, delete rows and columns
    • Resize rows and columns
    • Hide rows and columns
    • Freeze rows and columns
    • Comparing worksheets
    • Use auto filter and advanced filter
    • Modify page setup
    • Use header and footer
    • Set print aria

6.Working with Workbook:

  • Insert, delete worksheets
  • Rename worksheets
  • Copy worksheets
  • Format worksheet taps
  • Hide/show a worksheet

7.Calculating data:

  • What is a formula
  • Create a formula
  • Edit a formula
  • Cell reference types
  • What is a function
  • Insert and use functions
  • Enter a function manually
  1. Using & creating templates
  2. creating charts


عدد الساعات : 20 ساعة  تدريبية .

تاريخ الانعقاد : أيام السبت 10+17+24/06/2023

وقت الانعقاد :  09:00 – 16:00

مكان الانعقاد :  مقر المعهد المصرفي الفلسطيني – رام الله

الرسوم:  ( 160$) للمشارك الواحد من المؤسسات الأعضاء، و ( 180$) للمشارك الواحد من المؤسسات غير الأعضاء.


معلومات المدرب:

أ. مفيد سمارة مدرب معتمد للحاسوب، برامج اوراكل، ميكروسوف اوفيس ICDL Trainer.