Dealing Certificate Exam 2022 Preparation Course

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The ACI Dealing Certificate is an excellent introduction course for people working at front-offices of treasury departments of banks and other financial institutions. In the Netherlands passing for the ACI Dealing Certificate exam is one of the requirements to be eligible for registration in the official Treasury Advisor Register. At present, however, there is a gradual shift in the need for expertise from front-office staff to employees who are not directly involved in transacting deals. Because of the fact that an increasing number of transactions are concluded via trading platforms, for instance, it becomes increasingly important that also IT specialists have a thorough understanding of traded instruments and market conventions. Another example are staff-members who are responsible for implementing new regulations in regard to the financial markets. The course has proven to be of great relevance for these target groups too.

This intense training course thoroughly prepares the candidates for the exam. The course has five or six training days, dependent on the entrance level of the students. Each training session consists of a short introduction about a core exam subject after which the candidates will be given the opportunity to test the acquired knowledge by answering exam questions that are comparable to those incorporated in the official exam. The trainers will thoroughly elaborate on every question by addressing every alternative, right or wrong.

The course comes with a e-learning tool with, amongst others, over 500 practive questions and an exam simulator. The students are asked to use this tool to prepare for each course day. They can also use the e-learning tool to prepare for the exam. The course also comes with the textbook A Guide to Treasury in Banking that covers the whole curriculum of the course.



Day 1: Financial Markets and Interest Rate Calculations

· Introduction to Financial Instruments

· The key Players in the Financial Markets

· Pricing and Efficient Markets

· Market Places

· Processing of Transactions

· Regulation

· Interest Calculations

· Accumulation Factors and Discount Factors

· Yield curves

· Forward Yields


Day 2: Foreign Exchange

· FX Quotations

· Cross Rates

· FX Forward Rates

· FX Forwards and Ex Ante Trading

· FX Swaps

· O/N and T/N swaps, Forward Forward Wwaps

· NDFs and Time Options

· Performance Measurement with FX Trading Positions

· Covered Interest Arbitrage

· Precious Metals


Day 3: Rates

· Money Market

· Money Market Paper

· Bonds

· Repurchase Agreements

· Securities Finance

· Islamic Banking


Day 4: Interest Rate Derivatives and Options

· FRAs

· Money Market Futures

· Interest Rate Swaps

· Features of Options

· The Greeks

· Delta position and delta hedging

· Strangles and Straddles

· Interest Rate Options


Day 5: ALM and Risk

· Basels Accords

· Liquidity Risk

· Market Risk

· Sensitivity Indicators, Var Analysis and Stress Tests

· Trading Limits

· Credit Risk

· Asset & Liability Management

· Gap Analysis and Modified Duration Analysis

· Funds Transfer Pricing

· Operational Risk



  • Date: 11-15/12/2022
  • Course duration and time: 40 Training Hours 9:00-17:00
  • Location: Palestinian Banking Institute Ramallah
  • Training Language: English
  • Trainer: Mr. Lex van der Wielen
  • Fees: USD 600 per participant for members, USD 900 per participants for non-member.

Fees Includes Training, Attendance certificate if participant attended 80% of the training hours.


About Mr. Lex van der Wielen

Lex worked with ABN AMRO Bank on the Asset and Liability Management department and as Commercial Paper Broker. Then he joined ING Bank as Head of a Treasury Desk. He also worked for the Dutch State Treasury Agency where he was responsible for setting up a market risk management department. In 2006 he has founded the Financial Markets Academy. since 2014 he is also associated with the University of Amsterdam. Lex is the author of a number of text books in the area of the financial markets. His books differ from other books by the clear and simple way in which they describe the sometimes-difficult concepts. He is a passionate teacher and strives to share his enthusiasm with his students.