Certified Compliance Specialist Preparation Course

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The era of rapid market change, banks and other financial institutions are not judged only by their quantitative metrics (performance indicators, returns, risk measures, etc). Nowadays, the importance of the qualitative elements in a modern banking operation is perhaps of an equal or of a higher weight. The readiness and adaptability status for the growing regulatory guidelines and directives, on both local and international level, are elements that build or destroy the fame and reputation of an institution.

These elements guarantee the protection of the bank and its stakeholders from money laundering, fraud, corruption and other shady practices, cultivating a spirit of efficiency and responsibility for the design and selection of processes and resources. These are the drivers for a successful and reputable operation.

This certificate will give attendees the benefit of following latest trends and developments from the regulatory perspective, equip you with best practices knowledge from the international arena, and assist you in developing the skills to understand and mainly to implement a proper compliance plan for your organization


·Understand the role and meaning of compliance for your organization

·Benefit from applying compliance best practices and mitigate risks for non-compliance

·Design and implement processes, rules and procedures for an enterprise wide plan, and match it with corporate governance ethics and AML guidelines

·Generate a compliance mentality for your employees and engage them in its cultivation and enhancement




·Compliance professionals in the banking and financial sector and public sector including central bank and monitoring bodies and Financial Investigation unites

·Compliance directors, manages and officers

·Legal advisors and attorneys

·Auditors and audit managers

·All other related professionals, consultants, accountants, etc




  • Module 1: Compliance
  • Module 2: International Regulatory Drivers and Controls
  • Module 3: Corporate Governance Perspectives and the Regulatory Framework
  • Module 4: Ethics, Compliance and Governance Perspectives
  • Module 5: Developing a Corporate Compliance Program
  • Module 6: Codes and Corporate Compliance Systems
  • Module 7: Money Laundering





  • 70% passing grade
  • Available in Arabic and English Language
  • 3 Hours duration



Mr. Talal Abu Alhassan

Mr. Talal has around 14 years of expenses in Supporting the monitoring of the compliance with internal AML policies and local AML regulations in the banking sector. He joined Bank of Jordan in 2008   to 2011   as Credit Follow Up Officer. He spent 4 years with National Bank of Abu Dhabi NBAD in the field Risk Officer "Acting Manager" He spent 3 years with   Ahli Microfinance Company "Owned By Ahli Jordan Bank" Compliance Manger Regulatory and AML/CFT. He holds B.Sc., in Banks Management, and holds professional certificates as follow; Certified Compliance Specialist) CCOS), Certified Anti- Money Laundering (CAMS), Certified Internal Control Specialist, and CIA   Certified Internal Auditor

Talal is recognized trainer for training programs related to Regulatory Compliance, Internal Controls Detecting forgery and counterfeiting., AML CFT Risk management. He provided training courses and preparation course for Certified Risk Specialist, in Jordan, Libya, and KSA


Training Fees:

  • USD 700 per participant for members, USD 800 per participants for non-member.
  • Fees Includes Training, Attendance certificate if participant attended 80% of the training hours.