Certified Risk Specialist Preparation Course

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Over the past period financial institutions and markets have experienced imbalances in their risk structure, design, monitor, and management applications. Significance over the understanding and handling of risk assessment and determination was raised and acknowledgement for better improvements on the processes and tools has been realized. This certificate offers best practices and tools towards a better understanding of the risk environment and its dimensions by allowing participants to develop comprehensive approaches that will help them achieve more effective and efficient actions.

Benefits of the Certificate:

  • Use risk analysis as a key business driver appreciate the benefits of accurate risk management
  • Develop an integrated strategy for the identification, analysis, prioritization and mitigation of risk
  • Comply with major risk management standards
  • Successfully determine and avoid the common pitfalls in risk analysis
  • Develop a comprehensive tool-kit for successful risk analysis that you can use immediately


Certificate Objectives:

Enabling participants to

  • Develop risk management strategies
  • Understand Liquidity and Interest Rates risks and measuring them according to Basel Accords.
  • Understand how to develop a plan to measure capital internally and to evaluate its rationality
  • Set and develop Stress testing to meet organizational goals and objectives
  • Know the ICAAP process.

Who Should Attend?

  • Chief, risk officers internal auditors, operating and financial officers
  • Risk managers
  • Actuaries
  • Investment professionals
  • Risk Management professionals
  • Compliance
  • Security and IT





  • 70% passing grade
  • Available in Arabic and English Language
  • 3 Hours duration



Mr. Rami Saadeh

Mr. Rami has around twelve years of expenses in risk management in the banking sector in the field of Credit risk, Marketing risk, Operational risk, Information Security and Basel requirements. He joined Safwa Bank in 2014 to present as Risk Manager. He spent 7 years with Bank Al-Etihad and Jordan Kuwait Bank in the field of risk management department. He holds B.Sc., in Banks Management, and holds professional certificates as follow; Certified professional trainer (CPT), Certified Risk Specialist (CRS), Certified Internal Control Specialist, and Specialized Diploma Program in Documentary Credits (Documentary Credits Officer).

Rami is recognized trainer for training programs related to Risk Management, Internal Controls, and Fraud. He provided training courses and preparation course for Certified Risk Specialist, in Jordan, Libya, Sudan, Iraq, KSA, and UAE.


Training Fees:

  • USD 700 per participant for members, USD 800 per participants for non member.
  • Fees Includes Training, Attendance certificate if participant attended 80% of the training hours.