Finance for Non-finance

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2020-10-18 2020-10-20 تدريب الكتروني مالية ومصرفية حمل من هنا


Understanding the financials has never been more vital for the leaders and managers of organisations. This highly practical, engaging and interactive two-day programme will help directors and managers develop their knowledge of finance, understand how their decisions affect an entity’s financial health and performance and what action they can take to positively impact the bottom line. 

Programme Benefits:

  • Greater confidence in dealing with financial matters including understanding financial jargon
  • An alignment with the strategic financial goals of your company
  • Increased ability to positively influence the bottom line of your department and organisation
  • The skills and knowledge to drive your team towards improved financial responsibility, further enhancing the bottom line and promoting a sustainable future
  • Identify areas of concern & look for key warning signs then recommend ideas for boosting financial performance
  • Analyse and manage own profit & loss account (income statement)
  •  Improve planning, budgeting and forecasting skills
  • Practical finance skills that can be implemented immediately in your workplace
  • Overall contribute more effectively to the financial health & performance of your organisation