Digital Delight Customer Skills

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2020-10-25 2020-10-26 تدريب الكتروني مهارات

المدرب: أ.عماد هزيم

Course Overview 

Nowadays the customers use a lot of channels to gain their services especially through social media, so it is your chance to delight them so digital customer service can benefit you professionally as you gain the ability to solve customer issues in a community-first context. This is an excellent skill for a world where a lot of your customers get access to smartphones on a daily basis looking for them.


Course Objectives:

  • Understanding the role of the digital service center in building the image of your company.
  • Determine the skills required by the staff of the digital service center.
  • Building and implementing work etiquette for employees of the digital service center, according to the experience strategy of your company.


Target Audience:

  • Early-career professionals looking to join customer service teams.
  • Product Teams that recognize the value of constructive customer engagement for rapid product iteration.
  • Staff who use social media and other digital tools to communicate with customers


عدد الساعات : 6 ساعات  تدريبية .

تاريخ الانعقاد : الاحد والإثنين  25+26/10/2020

وقت الانعقاد :  17:30 – 20:30

مكان الانعقاد :  عبر تقنية زووم


الرسوم: (100$) للمشارك الواحد


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