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اهداف  الدورة :

Learn how to write better internal and external documents. Better communication inside and outside your organization can lead to fewer meetings, higher productivity, and less chaos. A poll by The Economist found 83% of employees report that poor business language skills have resulted in an adverse impact on their organizations. We're here to help you strengthen your written communication skills. 


  • Definitions of business writing
  • The importance of business writing
  • tips for writing effectively
  • Applying modern day business writing techniques
  • Three-Step Writing Process
  • Developing your business writing style
  • How to be a successful business writer
  • Write effective internal and external business agenda, email, and letters
  • Tailor your writing style dependent on the audience and goals of the document
  • Write clearer and more concise documents
  • Tips and tricks on how to organize the beginning, middle, and end of your document.
  • Email Use, tone, style, and Structure
  • Formal Letters structure
  • Memo and meeting agenda
  • Clarity and Word Choice in English 
  • Etiquette in written communication

الفئة المستهدفة:

All employees who want to improve their Business writing skills, and write in a professional way.   


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