Interests Based Negotiation Training Course

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2019-10-13 2019-10-16 رام الله إدارة حمل من هنا


Negotiation is pervasive. All of us negotiate little or big things through our daily lives. We probably don’t even recognize that we are negotiating; it just seems like other conversation with our spouses, friends, customers, managers, or our colleagues. But we are indeed negotiating.

Negotiation can be defined as a back and forth conversation designed to reach an agreement between two people or several groups over an issue or set of issues. The parties involved may largely agree on the best solution or they may have completely different ideas on what should be done.  

Interests based negotiation is the process that enables traditional negotiators to become effective problem solvers. IBN approach separating the people from the problem, focuses on the interests and not on the positions, creates options for mutual gain and define objective criteria against which to judge the fairness of the end agreement.

The purpose of this training course is to build the conflicting parties negotiation skills and how to conduct effective negotiation with your adversaries.