Microsoft Excel 2010 – Advanced Level

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2019-06-16 2019-06-20 رام الله مهارات

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Excel worksheets adapt calculations from paper and the calculator to the computer. Well-designed worksheets can save hours of work and help to experiment with a wide variety of scenarios with little effort. Before creating a worksheet, some initial planning should be done. Although it is not difficult to change a worksheet, it can take a great deal of time making the necessary adjustments. This tow level course is designed to teach the trainee how to plan and create well-designed worksheets.



          Excel 2010 advanced level covers the advanced concepts of Microsoft excel 2010; it will provide the trainee with advanced skills necessary to master Excel 2010.



          At the end of the program, the trainees should be apple to:

  • Summarizing and sharing data
  • Calculate with advanced functions (statically, financial, logical, date …
  • Use ranges and naming
  • Linking worksheets and workbooks
  • Using macros
  • Using analysis tools
  • Using Form tools

Targeted Group:

          Intermediate users of Microsoft excel 2010 who want to move to an advanced level of proficiency.



Basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel 2010



  1. Advanced Excel Features
    • Custom excel menus
    • Use paste special, & paste link
    • Conditional formatting
  2. Excel Naming
    • Introduction
    • Methods of creating names in excel
    • Implicit and explicit naming references
    • Applying names
  3. Advanced Excel functions & calculations
    • Auditing
    • Advance functions from each category
  • Statistical
  • Financial
  • Logical
  • Date & Time
  • Database
  • Lookup & references
  • Text
  • Math
  • Information


  1. Data management
    • Data validation
    • Subtotals
    • Data consolidation
    • Excel tables
    • Scenarios, goal seek and solver
    • Excel grouping and outlining
    • Excel pivot table reports
    • Import & Export Data
  2. Managing worksheets & Workbook
    • Calculate over worksheets and workbooks
    • Save more than one workbook with one name
    • Link worksheets and workbook
    • Shear a workbook
    • Protection
  3. Streamlining work flow
    • Create and edit macros
    • Customize access to excel commands
  4. Form tools
    • Use combo box
    • Use buttons
    • Use check box and option button


عدد الساعات : 20 ساعة تدريبية .

تاريخ الانعقاد : من الاحد الى الخميس 16-20/06/2019  

وقت الانعقاد : 13:00 – 17:00

مكان الانعقاد :  مقر المعهد المصرفي الفلسطيني – رام الله


الرسوم: (120$) للمشارك الواحد من المؤسسات الاعضاء و(160$) للمشارك من غير الاعضاء


معلومات المدرب:

مدرب معتمد للحاسوب، برامج اوراكل، ميكروسوف اوفيس ICDL Trainer.