Thinking into Results

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2019-03-23 2019-03-30 غزة إدارة

المدرب: أ. أحمد الوكيل  - غزة


  • Introduction

Thinking into Results training course unlocks the true potential of executives, managers and employees across organizations. The program is 12 powerful axes that can easily be coached with individuals or facilitated with your entire team.

Thinking into Results training course is a 15 training hours, with a powerful paradigm shifting, educational program that reveals how to master the mind and gain abundant professional and personal success. The coaching and transformation process helps individuals and companies go from where they are to where they want to be, not just once, but over and over again


  • The Course Goals
  1. Defining and achieving the right type of goals.
  2. The difference between what you know and what you do – just knowing something doesn’t get results; you must change behavior to change results.
  3. How to understand and adapt to the unprecedented rapid changes taking place in the corporate world.
  4. Identify and avoid toxic landmines that sabotage your thinking.
  5. The magic of attitude – you must give energy to get energy back. It starts with you.
  6. How to stop those around you from controlling what you think.
  7. How to reprogram your mind to think great thoughts about yourself, your social life, your family, your job and the company you work for.




  1. Lesson One: A Worthy Ideal

When individual's or employees have big goals that inspire them it helps move business forward. When businesses are more successful the effects flow down.

  1. Lesson Two: The Knowing/Doing Gap

When individual's or employees understand the cause of their non-productive behaviors and how they can change them, they will become more productive, which leads to an increase in profits.

  1. Lesson Three: Your Infinite Mind

Employees or individuals will be turning their non-productive habits into productive habits. They will be more efficient and productive in their job, which leads to an increase bottom line for the company, an increase in retention and better performance.

  1. Lesson Four: The Secret Genie

Teaches employees or individuals how their mind works, without the knowledge of how the mind works behavior changes of employees will be temporary. Employees are encouraged to take a close look at their daily habitual actions to see where they can become more productive.

  1. Lesson Five: Thinking into Results


  1. Lesson Six: Environment is but our Look in g Glass


  1. Lesson Seven : Trample the Terror Barrier

This program creates an open environment for people to talk about fears so they can replace them with positive thoughts and seek support from other team members. Teams also explore their collective thinking so they can see how they are limiting themselves and the team. Individuals or Employees will understand the source of their fear so they can move forward in spite of that fear.

  1. Lesson Eight : The Power of  Praxis


  1. Lesson Nine: The Magic Word - The Magic of Attitude

This lesson teaches individuals or employees how to be focused and to change their thoughts and feelings about situations in their life or company that aren’t going well. When people learn that process they will be able to have control over any situation.

  1. Lesson Ten: The Most Valuable Person

This lesson gives opportunities for team members and team leaders to share what they need from each other in order to move towards their goal.


  1. Lesson Eleven: Leaving Everyone with the Impression of Increase

Emphasis is on giving with no expectation of return, service to others. Promotes a high standard of performance for all levels in the company—leaders and employees are encouraged to do more and give more than they are paid for. Creates a culture of giving more than expected. Promotes positive relations within teams and between teams because team members start looking for what other people do well and bring it to their attention. Increase in service for your clients. Your clients will seek you and your services out because of the service provided through the Impression of Increase.

  1. Lesson Twelve: Magnifying the Mind

This program lays out the steps for a quantum leap leading to dramatic results in performance. It introduces guidelines to create teams of people who work with understanding and in harmony towards achieving a unified goal. This process helps you create results in a magnified way free from struggle and confusion.

  • The Target Group

Individuals, Employees & Organizations Team

عدد الساعات : 15 ساعة تدريبية .

تاريخ الانعقاد : يومي السبت 23+30/03/2019

وقت الانعقاد : 09:00 – 16:30

مكان الانعقاد :  مقر المعهد المصرفي الفلسطيني - غزة


الرسوم: (100$) للمشارك الواحد من المؤسسات الاعضاء و(150$) للمشارك من غير الاعضاء يتم تسديدها بموجب حوالة بنكية لحساب المعهد المصرفي الفلسطيني  رقم 10024275 لدى البنك الوطني فرع الماصيون،

IBAN: PS52 TNBC 0000 0000 0001 0040 1664 1



الانسحاب والاعتذار:  تتحمل الجهة المرشحة كامل رسوم التدريب عن مرشحيها ما لم يتم إعلام المعهد خطياً أو بالبريد الإلكتروني للمعهد بالاعتذار أو الانسحاب لأي من مرشحيها وذلك قبل تاريخ عقد البرنامج بثلاثة أيام على الأقل.

الحضور ومنح الشهادات:

يجب على المشاركين أن يحضروا البرنامج او الدورة كاملة كما هو مقرر، ويتم منح شهادة لكل متدرب يفي بشروط البرنامج، ولا تمنح شهادة في حال تغيب المتدرب عن الحضور لأكثر من 30% من عدد ساعات البرنامج الإجمالية حتى لو كان الغياب بسبب عذر شرعي، ويشترط إعادة الالتحاق بالدورة أو البرنامج للحصول على الشهادة المهنية.

عدد المشاركين:

عند إكتمال الحد الأقصى لعدد المرشحين ستعطى الاولوية لمن يسجل أولاً.

معلومات المدرب:

  • MBA in Human Resource Management form LUCT University – Malaysia since 2012, now working as a Banker in Cairo-Amman Bank.
  • Bob Procter Partners as participated member in Thinking into Results Worldwide program.
  • Having 4 years' experience in NLP & HRD training field in Gaza Strip in many places as (UNDP, Palestine University, Al-Azhar University, Privet Training centers).
  • Having a certificate as Proven Trainer from Canadian center for Training in NLP & HRD.