Palestine Anti -Money Laundering Accreditation

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2019-01-05 2019-01-22 رام الله مالية ومصرفية حمل من هنا

Main Objectives

· To educate the participants on what constitutes money laundering/terrorist financing and its history.

· To illustrate the adverse effects that money laundering /terrorist financing has on economies and the financial sector

· To highlight the importance of anti-money laundering/terrorist financing efforts in Palestine

· To describe international and local efforts to combat money laundering/terrorist financing

· To provide guidance in compliance requirements for AML/CFT under international standards and Palestinian law.

· To inform the participants as to commonly identified indicators which may be suggestive of money laundering and other crime

· To describe to the participants, the role of various international and governmental organizations and agencies in the fight against money laundering

· To have the participants apply the information obtained in this course to selected examples of money laundering /terrorist financing

· To provide to the participant’s basic awareness, knowledge and skills as to the nature of money laundering and what can be done to prevent money laundering so that the student can apply those skills in helping the Palestinian anti money laundering regime comply with internationally accepted standards.