Digital Age, Globalization and Economic Crime - workshop

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2018-03-01 2018-03-01 رام الله مالية ومصرفية حمل من هنا


With economic crime becoming a serious threat to businesses aided by the digital transformation of society and the globalization of businesses, this workshop will take a practical approach to ensure that the participants will:

1. Develop new skills and in-depth knowledge of the digital age evolution from the 1960’s through nowadays

2. Expand your knowledge of globalization forms and measures

3. Gain strategic advantage by learning how financial crimes are committed, who is ultimately responsible and how to guard against them in the context of your daily responsibilities


Understand the characteristics of the digital age and globalization and how they are forging new paths into businesses with increasingly complicated threats of economic crime, allowing the participants to take the necessary measures to combat this new serious form of crime